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"GustyGraphics" is an alias I used for my graphic design YouTube channel and more. The beginning of my introduction to graphic design was when I saw people creating YouTube banners. Coming from the Minecraft boom, many people were creating YouTube channels and in need of such graphics. I went on to learn motion design with programs like Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. Online, I was apart of a community of young graphic and motion designers. I made plenty of friends and we all learned new techniques together and inspired each other.

Looking back, I am very impressed by how skilled I was at such a young age. I remember spending hours playing around on professional programs learning and creating. Some short introductions would take up to 6 hours. I carry many of those same talents and drive today, using the skills in areas of business and more. (Keep in mind, I no longer produce pure graphics under this alias, but I still design plenty for different purposes.)

I have plenty of files to showcase from 2014-2016 but below is the best I have.


I have many banners showcased HERE 

Below are various pieces I made. 


Below that are "speedarts" showing how I created the banners. (minus the 3D modeling - laptop could not handle it)

How I made some of them:

Motion Design

Below is some of my best work. It varies from short video introductions to even animations.

Keyframes on Keyframes on Keyframes