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Pipe Lamps

I made two pipe lamps from fittings and pipes. I used a LED Edison bulb along with a lamp kit fed through the pipe. At the end, I sanded and spray painted them to give the pipe more sparkle. One of them has a wireless iPhone charger integrated into it.
August 2, 2017 at 5:00:00 AM
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Various 3/4-1in pipe segments (threaded) and pipe fittings
Lamp kit
Edison Bulb
Some sort of wood plank for base
Spray Paint
Stain for base


1. Sand and wash pipes to prepare for painting
2. Tape off threads (so paint does not coat them)
3. Spray paint
4. Visualize desired design with pipes
5. Screw everything together while feeding wire through
6. Build base in desired way (feed wire through as well)
7. Glue light socket
8. Screw in bulb

What I Learned

I learned a bit about how lamps work and that my spray painting skills are next level.
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